Hormis The Legend of the Banker

Mr. K.P Hormis, 13 years senior to me, was a great influence for me in my belief. He established the Federal Bank and eventually my younger brother married his daughter and we became closer relatives and family members. K.P Hormis was a great banker who wanted to help the poorest among the community. His savings scheme taught the rich and the poor the importance of thrift. He recruited poorest boys and girls by his own tests of intelligence. Many boys and girls from poor families became executives in the bank and served the bank with honesty and dedication. A large number of the top executives of the bank today spread all over India and abroad are his recruits. Although he had immense resources at disposal he never took advantage of it but led a simple life. Even his own house and compound was donated to the bank to see that the bank acquired a critical place in Connaught Place in the Indian capital. The spirit and ideology of serving the poor continues to be still one of the major attributes of Federal Bank.

The present Managing Director and CEO Mr. Shyam Srinivasan is a worthy successor to K.P. Hormis and he is assisted by Mr. Abraham Chacko, Executive Director; Mr. Girish Kumar Ganapathy, Company secretary and the Board of Directors.

The Federal Bank is conceived as a large family, where everyone is brother or sister. This was evident when recently we all assembled in Federal city in Ankamali. I was perhaps the oldest member present in the hall and I enjoyed the presence of my niece Anupa and her US based husband Vikram who is from Goa and his parents are long settled in USA.

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