Barrack  Obama  has  introduced the ethics bill that


Bars senators from accepting gifts and meals from lobbyists. [ In India  there is a free for all for lobbyists  and politicans. To think of a member of Parliament was involved in human traficking ]

• Requires advanced ethics committee approval of transportation or lodging provided by a private party. The party must certify that a lobbyist did not finance the trip. [ free for all in India ]


• Requires senators or staff traveling by private aircraft to report to the Secretary of the Senate the trip's purpose and those on board.[free for all in India]


• Bans official contacts between a senator's staff and the senator's spouse or immediate family member registered as a lobbyist. [ no such refinement ]


• Requires mandatory ethics training. [ there are no training courses ]


• Extends from one year to two years the period a congressman must wait before lobbying a former place of employment. [ there are laws to this effect for government employees] 


• Extends disclosure requirements to lobbyists helping clients to encourage the general public to contact federal officials. [no such provision . ]


• Bars senators from punishing or rewarding a lobbying firm based on the party affiliations of those they hire.


• Requires filing disclosure reports quarterly, not semiannually. [ filing disclosures by MPs  will be welcome]

• Requires lobbyists to annually disclose contributions to federal candidates, officeholders and political action committees.  [ the political parties must disclose fund collections ]


• Increases the maximum civil fine for lobbying violations from $50,000 to $100,000. [ cash fines can be effective ]


• Ends the practice of secret "holds," whereby senators can single-handedly block action on a bill without revealing that they are the source of the hold.




• Ban privately financed travel.


• Require reimbursement at the charter rate for flights on corporate jets.


• Create an independent panel to police ethics.



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