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Remembering Sony Antony son of Antony Kulangara, Calcutta.
Illustrious son of illustrious parents

By K.P.Joseph

We cannot believe that Sony Antony is no more. He was an illustrious son of Bengal and Kerala. And he was our helpful and loving nephew.

He was an anchor of the stage - behind the stage -also during the wedding of our children, Winny and Jenny. In fact along with Imon Ghosh, high flying trainer of executives, Sony Antony opened a new Chapter in conducting wedding receptions in Kerala.

Sony was a great entrepreneur and was running a business on his own. But he refused to get married unlike his brother Sajan. It was the solitude of his unmarried state that was responsible for his sudden death. As far as we know he had no bad habit except chain smoking.

It was difficult to console his parents who flew from Calcutta to Cochin. There was an unusually large gathering of friends relatives and admirers of Sony for the funeral in St. Michael's Church, Chembu mukku, Cochin.

Dear, dear Sony, you will ever live in our and your friends minds.

By Jerry Kalarickal
I still remember Sony fondly when he was a frequent visitor to our house and when he used to stay overnight. As someone from the big city of Kolkata he presented a sense of the possibilities of the outside world to me. He dressed well, seemed worldly, slightly rebellious but polite and had a certain roguish charm. His death continues to come as a shock. His commitment to live life on his own terms will be remembered. I admired him for that and continue to do so.

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